MouleTec Technology

Research & Background

The MoutTec technology has been developed with the help of:

•   Academics Birmingham University
•   Academics Loughborough University
•   The Heartland NHS Trust
•   The Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Development (CHID) (part of the The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust).
•   Berlin Cert - A Berlin Cert certificate has been has been granted for MouleTec products being compliant with anti-decupitus (pressure relief) medical regulations.

We have considered the benefits of mattresses available in the UK and have accessed studies on how mattresses can improve sleep quality. The NHS says that poor sleep can lead to diseases such as obesity, heart conditions and diabetes. Research by scientists shows that poor blood circulation affects sleeping patterns and may even lead to sleep disorders like sleep apnoea. Around 40% of the population suffer back pain. Other scientific studies prove that for lower back pain relief medium firm mattresses are better than mattresses that are too hard or too soft. All MouleTec mattresses are medium firm.


We have also taken account of WHICH? the UK’s largest consumer body who say that when recommending a Best Buy mattress they look for products to answer each of the following:

•   How well does the mattress support my back?
  How durable is the mattress?
  Is the mattress easy to move and turn?
  Does the mattress move a lot when my partner turns?
  Does the mattress get soggy with sweat?

We believe we have incorporated all these and more in our luxury mattresses. We have also undertaken a long consumer trial and where necessary made changes to our mattresses. We also feel that our mattresses are not for everybody and therefore offer a 100 day trial period. More than spending 10 minutes lying on a mattress in a bed shop, 100 days should be enough time to feel the better sleep and back care benefits MouleTec technology has to offer, and as we sell direct from our factory bypassing retail outlets we can make this offer and pass on significant savings on the way.

Read the WHICH? Mattress Guide 

What's inside a MouleTec Mattress?

Our mattresses are made from specially developed & drilled foam within a superior cover. The single mattresses contain one compartment, while the double, king size & super king size have separate sections to ensure each partner doesn't get disturbed by the other ones tossing & turning.

The outer covers are washable and benefit from Purotex & Adaptive technology (see below).

Also all of our mattresses are reversible and light weight, so you can sleep on them either way up!

Inside a MouleTec Mattress

Testing our Mattresses

We have spent a considerable amount of time developing our mattresses. Our advanced engineering design team have arrived at the best mattress for delivering the best mattress on the market for Back Pain.

The MouleTec Mattress range is constructed from a specially developed foam which together with the MouleTec patented drilling process give you the ideal mattress for weight dispersion to ease your back pain.

We have sourced the special foams required for our unique production process & have designed and built the special machinery required to manufacture our mattresses – now installed in our new production unit in Redditch.

Plus... to ensure our mattresses are durable, we have put them through stringent testing that replicates 10,000 body turns, or about 8 years life.

Single Mattress Double Mattresses King Size Mattress


The benefits of the Mouletec technology are clearly seen when performing a pressure mapping test.

These images are taken from an XSensor pressure mapping monitor and show how the pressure on a person’s torso is eased when comparing standard products with products featuring MouleTec cushioning technology.

All MouleTec Mattresses are covered in Purotex & Adaptive Technology!

Purotex - Stop dust mites in their tracks!

Purotex - Stopping dust mites in their tracks!

What is Purotex?

Purotex is a textile treatment that helps to fight against allergens. It is designed to stop dust mites in their tracks, as well as prevent other harmful bacteria from multiplying. These allergens are then unable to cause damage to the sufferer, potentially reducing the symptoms of allergic reactions.

Dust mites thrive in bedrooms and particularly on beds. With both moisture and heat radiating from the body when we are asleep, dust mites have the perfect envrionment to come out and play. Having an anti-allergy treatment like Purotex can keep the little blighters at bay and leave you having a peaceful night's sleep.

How does it work?

Purotex combines five completely natural bacterias that have been chosen for of their ability to keep house dust mite allergens at bay, along with various other types of allergen. The Purotex is then put into tiny capsules that are inserted into the fabric. The movement of your body on the fabric causes the capsules to be disturbed and the Purotex treatment can then get to work.

The bacteria within the treatment soak up any moisture and actively prevent allergens in their tracks. Bad bacteria and mould struggle to grow without warm, damp conditions - Purotex helps prevention by removing the dampness.

The Benefits of a Purotex Mattress

One of the key benefits of having your mattress woven with Purotex is the fact that is suitable for allergy sufferers. Nobody wants to go to bed with the snuffles so if your room has been given the anti-allergy treatment, you're more likely to have a good night's sleep.

With Purotex in your mattress, dust mites can are eliminated so you may find that the bed remains cleaner, is more hygienic and offers peace of mind to be able to relax when you go to bed. The bacteria in the product also consumes the droppings of the mites - which is actuallty the root cause of an allergic reaction to dust mites. By removing the allergens, you could instantly find yourself sleeping better.


MouleTec use Adaptive Treated Covers

Adaptive keeps you cool & dry, all night every night.

ADAPTIVE is a treatment that changes passive textiles to textiles that respond dynamically to temperature changes.

As your body heats up the textile, the adaptive treatment pushes the evaporation "gas pedal".

Extra evaporation reduces humidity and has a cooling effect. Adaptive mattresses and pillows keep you comfortably cool and dry and improve the quality of your sleep.

Single MattressDouble MattressesKing Size Mattress