MouleTec the Best Mattress for a Bad Back

As you no doubt know, a bad back can severely disrupt your life...MouleTec Mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for bad backs.

We have developed a unique range of products using specially developed & drilled foam within a superior cover. The outer covers are washable and benefit from Purotex & Adaptive technology (see below). Also all of our mattresses are reversible and light weight, so you can sleep on them either way up!

The MouleTec Concept, an ergonomic technology invented by the late Terry Moule. Terry was a well-known osteopath who worked with major car companies on seat design and numerous top sports men, women & athletes. His basic principle says that by easing pressure on certain parts of the body, blood flow improves throughout the body resulting in easing the pain of a bad back. More about our technology

History & Background

Terry Moule

Terry Moule was born in Wolverhampton in 1943. He was educated at Tettenhall College and qualified from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1963 as the youngest ever graduate. Many of his patients were Olympians and sporting stars. Athletes using his holistic approach to sport achieved even higher levels of response and performance.

Terry was involved with vehicle seating for over twenty years using his long experience as a qualified Osteopath and Naturopath specialising in back and posture problems. He worked closely with Saab on seat design and cabin ergonomics. Other consultancy included work for Rolls Royce, Ford, Vauxhall (including a 2 year campaign for comfort) plus design, consultancy and ergonomic advice for a number of other automotive manufacturers. He also wrote for What Car; on Seating General Comfort.

Medical Industry Endorsement & More! 

Professor Andrew Bradbury from Birmingham University and Heartland NHS Trust and Professor Mark Porter from Loughborough University have conducted studies demonstrating the improvements in pressure and venous blood flow of seats featuring MouleTec designs. The company has worked in association with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Development (CHID) which is part of the The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust.

As well as domestic mattresses MouleTec technology features in medical mattresses, evacuation mattresses, travel cushions, multi-use portable cushions, wheelchair cushions, stadia seats, aircraft seats, safety critical seats for security vehicles, roll over protection seats for logistics trucks and shock mitigating seats for fast boats. The MouleTec products and processes have been patented around the world.

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